Our Shuttle Service

Our Shuttle fee to Rail Depot is only $25 round-trip per passenger, including children if they take a seat. (Shuttle times are coordinated with the train schedule). Our base rate for shuttle service is $25 for the first person + $5 for each additional person including children if they take a seat. One way fee. Shuttle only operates 9am to 9pm, no exceptions.

We do not go to train every day, so need advance notice at time of booking if you wish this service and where you are arriving from (e.g. the Northbound train from Anchorage or the Southbound train from Fairbanks). If you show up at the Denali Train Depot with no advance shuttle arrangements, the cost for round trip train shuttle fee is $35 per person.

Important Shuttle Service Details

Denali Grizzly Bear ONLY GUARANTEES a shuttle service TO and FROM the train station for those coming into Denali National Park and staying at our resort.

We ARE NOT a taxi service.

We recommend that ALL parties planning to stay at the resort, plan ahead to rent a car from one of the car rental agencies in or around Denali National Park. This will keep you from being trapped in the resort and allow you to travel around the park.  Due to COVID, most, if not all of the local shuttle services for the park went out of business. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate driving all parties around the park when our only shuttle is picking up and dropping off visitors at the resort or train station. Please plan accordingly if you plan to move around the park during your stay.

Car Rental Agencies that we recommend:

alaskancarrental.com | (907) 339-2000
Address: 19 E 11th Avenue, Anchorage AK 99501
Email: info@alaskancarrental.com
Hours of Operation: Summer Season (May–Sept): Open 24 hours, Daily (24/7);
Winter Season (Oct– April): Mon–Sat 9am-6pm

keystodenali.com | (907)-683-5397
Address: 137 Healy Spur Road, Healy AK 99743
Email: info@keystodenali.com
Hours of Operation: Mid-May to Mid-Sept. 9am–9pm Each Day

Denali Wildlife ~ Golden Eagle

You see more golden eagles in Denali than bald eagles. Golden eagles are more likely to feed on ptarmigan, marmots and ground squirrels. Golden eagles arrive in Denali as early as March. They are called golden eagles not because of their body color (which is brown) but because of some light (golden) brown feathers on their head and neck. They have a wing span of about six feet and you can see them soaring in the wind or sometimes perched on a tree.

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